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Menu Options

We at To Dine For are experienced in preparing dishes to accommodate most food allergies and sensitivities.  Having several family members with Celiac, SIBO, and other autoimmune disorders has provided the opportunity to tailor menus to the FODMAP, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Paleo food guidelines. Sharing a meal is such a communal experience and it’s been a pleasure to provide menus that everyone can enjoy together.  Please feel free to inquire if you have any restrictions and we can develop your menu together.

Please note any food allergies in the comment section of the contact page.


If you have a favorite dish, let us know and we will gladly prepare it for your next event.

Our rule for selecting ingredients...quality, organic, local!

We strive to create custom menus for any budget, the selections below are just examples of what we offer for your special event.  Feel free to explore below or send us an email for custom menus.

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