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How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

The big question has finally been surfaced!

I can't tell you about Event spaces, photographers, DJ's, florists, or wedding planners, because everyone is different and your needs will dictate what and who.

But I'll give you the low down on catering, bar service and rentals.

Lets not beat around the bush or sugar coat anything, lets just jump right in and crunch some numbers...These will be based on a guest count of 100.


Simple sample menu; $12.55 per person

Arugula and Orange Salad

Flat Iron Steak in Red Wine Sauce

Fresh Fruit Platter

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Disposable Place Setting included; (dinner plate, fork, knife, napkin dessert plate and fork All are sustainable and compostable)

China place-settings will run an extra $5.00 per person on a simple style, plus deliver costs (approx $50.00)

Staff; Two on site for approx 4 hours, $35 per staff per hour

Gratuity; 18% of food cost only. If you get charged tip on rentals and other services, you are getting ripped off.

Bar Service;

Hard alcohol takes event in a totally different direction and the cost can be all over the board. So for this post we are talking Beer and Wine only.

Bartenders will run $25-$35 per hour with a $150 minimum. Keep in mind bartenders are there the earliest and stay the latest. You will need one bartender for every 75 guests or so. A good caterer can blend staff, having a server be a bar back before food is served, saving you money.

Beer and Wine will run approx $12.50 per guest and this should include a bar set up. Yes!, take into account people that don't drink, it just evens out that way. The more craft your beer and the more local your wine, the more you will spend.

Of course this is using disposable cups, if you want glassware you will need wine glasses, beer glasses (if kegged beer), water glasses and maybe coffee mugs. Those items run $.55 - $1.00 each plus delivery.

Well, that's the low down. You can do the math. Of course remember, it goes UP from here.

Rental Services;

As mentioned above, plate-settings will run approx $5.00 per person.

Glassware is approx $0.75 per piece

Tables are approx $11.00 each

Chairs are approx $3.50 each

Linens are approx $15.00 each and go up (a lot)

Tents, if needed, average $300 depending on size

Hope that helps a little. If you have any questions, you can always call the experts at To Dine For.

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