How to saber a bottle of sparkling wine

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Wedding Show!!

The Bridal event of the year!  February 19th.  Come say hi at our lovely booth and try some food.

To Dine For Catering

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Wedding Show next week!!

Marry Me wedding event.


  • Style and inspiration for your big day
  • Champagne!
  • Food tastings
  • 2 Fashion Shows showcasing modern looks and classic romantic looks
  • Designer GOWN SALE, hosted by the best gown + dress store in town, Charlotte’s Weddings & More!
  • *New* BRIDESMAID CORNER! All about your bridesmaids, from fashion to accessories to bachelorette parties
  • Multiple live musical performances from Musician of the Year, John Ross Music & Production
  • Portland’s ONLY Wedding Cake Showcase featuring 60+ fully constructed wedding cakes!
  • Chance to meet and greet with the best and most creative wedding pros in the area
  • Hate free, equality promoting event

Come see us at the To Dine For Catering booth for some killer food!



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The Lady Behind It All

My mother always loved to cook.  She loved to garden.  The two together, along with her great sense of attitude and ability to create a dish from nothing, is what has inspired me to open To Dine For Catering.

People always ask me “what your specialty” or “what do you love to cook”, the answer is complicated in a way.  I like to create, not cook and my specialty has come from my Mothers ability to make something from nothing.

How many times have you opened the fridge and said “there’s nothing to eat” but you have a full fridge.  That’s my favorite part, finding what to make from “nothing”.  Nothing to eat is just ridiculous.  If you open your fridge or cupboards, there is probably more food than you could eat in a year.  We take what we have for granted.  Throw away perfectly good food because we let it expire or get freezer burnt or forgot what it was.  This is ridiculous!  So many people are starving across the globe and we simply throw it away.  Anyway, I’m not blogging to go on a rant about food waste, that’s a whole other article.

I guess I’m just trying to get people to look a little more closely at what they have before they go shopping.  I suppose this can be a metaphor for any thing, not just food.  Look at your life and appreciate what you have right there in front of you.  You’ll be amazed at the beauty you find in friends, family, partner and neighbors.

Long story short, thank Mom, love you!


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Cocktail Recipe – Green Meadow

Green Meadow

6 Fresh basil leaves


Muddle together

2 oz lemon juice

1 oz honey syrup

3 oz vodka

1.5 oz creme de violette


Shake, strain and serve up

Makes 2 cocktails

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Cocktail Recipe – Tequila Sour

Tequila Sour

3oz. Tequila

1 1/2 oz. lime juice

1 egg white

1 oz. Marachino liquor

Froth egg white

Add rest of ingredients with ice

Shake and serve over large cube

Garnish with cherry and lime

Makes two cocktails

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Cocktail Recipe – Margarita


3oz tequila – repasado

1.5oz Cointreau

1oz simple syrup

1 lime juiced, approx 1/2 oz

1 lemon juiced, approx 1/2 oz

Two dashes of orange bitters

Pinch of salt

Mix all together in shaker with ice and shake

Pour over fresh ice

Makes two cocktails

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Cocktail Recipe – Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned;

4+oz bourbon

Two squirts of simple syrup, approx 1oz

6 dashes of angostura bitters

6 dashes of peychauds bitters

4 dashes of Aztec chocolate bitters

Mix all ingredients with ice and stir

Strain over large ice cube

Garnish with a orange peel and a fancy cherry

Makes two cocktails

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Cocktail Recipe – Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour;

1 egg white

4oz bourbon

2oz lemon juice

1oz simple syrup

Shake egg white with one small ice cube until frothy

Add more ice and the rest of ingredients and shake like mad

Strain over large ice cube

Garnish with bitters

Makes 2 cocktails


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Holiday Party

The season of company holiday parties is right around the corner.  Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do for venue, food themes and of course bar beverages, not to mention the date.  Do not wait till the last minute as venues and caterers get booked up by the middle of October.

Portland catering companies that provide local and organic fare book up early!

While no one wants to let summer go, the reality is Christmas commercials are already popping up on the television and that get folks thinking, mostly about, where did the time go and why is this on TV already.  It’s barely Halloween and I have to start thinking about December?  I know, I’m not a fan either, we can’t seem to enjoy one holiday without the media bombarding us with ads for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   But enough about that.

I’m here just to remind you to get a date on the books and get your caterer locked in, so you have one less thing to worry about.  Also, one thing most people don’t think about is whats available at that time of year, so that’s why it is important to talk to your caterer in Portland about menu.  Making sure they have enough time to reserve specialty items for your holiday event in Portland and surrounding areas.

If you need answers or want help planning, please remember your friends at To Dine For Catering are always willing to help, even if you don’t use our services, we are here for the community as a resource.

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